Girl power

An all-girls team from De Grendel Rangers, formerly known as Bothasig Rangers, came sixth in the scouts’ Kon-Tiki raft-building competition at the weekend. The girls camped out at Zandvliet in Muizenberg from Friday to Sunday and used poles, rope, barrels and boards to make their raft, which had to be finished by noon on Saturday. A team then had to spend 24 hours on the raft while doing various activities, including cooking. The De Grendal Rangers made a “volcano”, dry-ice ice-cream and slime, and they cooked tuna cakes and upside-down pineapple cake.

From left, Zena Marks, Emma Miller, Zoe Prinsloo, Kimberley Hing, Alex Janeke, Courtney Schelhase, Tanya Prinsloo and Tiffany Patersen.
The girls spent more than 10 hours building their raft by using poles, rope, barrels and boards.