Gumtree conman caught in trap

Goodwood police have arrested an alleged Gumtree scamster for defrauding a man out of his R18 000 smartphone.

Goodwood police spokesman Captain Waynne Theunis said Detective Sergeant Charles Jafta arrested the 45-year-old man after he was caught in the act in Old Oak, Bellville, on Friday February 17. The man was out on parole, having been convicted of a similar crime in 2014. The police say the man would react to Gumtree advertisements, meet the sellers and promise to pay by EFT.

“He would even make the transaction in the presence of the victims.

“He would then leave with the item, and the victims would later discover that they were defrauded,” said Captain Theunis.

According to the Daily Voice, the man had conned a Durbanville man, Steven Oosthuizen, with the sale of a smartphone.

When the money did not reflect in his account as promised, Mr Oosthuizen advertised a phone again – this time from a new number. It was a trap, and it proved to be one the alleged con artist couldn’t resist.

* Victims of the scam are asked to contact Detective Sergeant Madoda Nofemela at 079 8949 276.