Idea not practical

Murray Campbell, Bothasig

In response to Hendrick Lamprecht from Sunningdale (“R40m for Blouberg beachfront revamp,” Tabletalk October 17), I don’t think he has given this much thought.

His suggestion of withholding rates so that the money can be spent on only their community is an interesting idea but is it practical?

What happens with road maintenance, electricity upgrades or pipe bursts?

Is he going to go out in his bakkie and fix the leak, or is he planning on setting up his own maintenance team?

Is he going to manage the team, take in all the calls or is he going to employ people to do it? Will he have his own dedicated call centre to log complaints? Is he going to manage the payroll and administration while he is at it? What makes him think that
he will be more effective?

Somehow I doubt it will be, and when the whole idea collapses, will he be responsible for all the costs?

Then the idea was to use a portion of that money to repair the beachfront. Has he
got a quote from all of those engineers and specialists he needs? I wonder what his solution will be when the next storm hits and it’s all washed away again.

Maybe the solution is not to fix it but to stop developments right up against the beach and save everyone millions in repairs.