Join the fight against crime

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Whether you love or hate the cops, you have to take your hat off to them for trying to make a success of the Milnerton cluster’s two-day workshop on a Friday and Saturday, days when most are ready to spend some quality time with friends and family.

Many took the long drive to Atlantis to be a part of the sessions.

The sad reality is that endless discussions about how to make our communities safer can be held until the proverbial cows come home, but no good will come of them until residents and our men and women in blue link hands and fight the root causes of crime together.

This is slowly happening with the accreditation of neighbourhood watches, but when one takes a look at the fact that Milnerton has been listed as one of the top-10 precincts in the country hit hardest by theft, then you realise more needs to be done. But as cluster commander General Anneqah Jordaan sadly pointed out, it’s often the very communities the police are trying to make a real difference in that are the ones most likely to give them a hostile response.

At some point, communities will have to stop moaning and either join the CPF or their neighbourhood watch to do their bit in keeping their areas safe.