Cyclist hit by bus

The bus that was involved in the crash on Marine Drive. Picture: ER24
A 49-year-old cyclist suffered serious injuries when he was struck by a MyCiTi bus on Marine Drive in Table View on Friday January 24.

Paramedics found the man lying in the middle of the road just after 8am. The bus that had struck him was found parked approximately 200 metres away.

Medics assessed the man and found that he had sustained numerous injuries and was in a critical condition.

The man was treated for his injuries and was provided with advanced life support interventions before he was transported to a private hospital for urgent treatment.

Six people from the bus were assessed and found to have sustained minor injuries. They were treated before being transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

Meanwhile, the City’s mayoral committee member for transport, Felicity Purchase gave an update on the cyclist saying that he suffered a fractured right arm and a fractured rib. 
“A representative from the vehicle operating company (VOC) that operates the route visited the cyclist in hospital after he was admitted. The VOC is also compelled to submit a comprehensive incident report to the City,” she said.