Mixed-use plan for Cape Farms

A portion of the Cape Farms is proposed for the development. Just adjacent to the proposed project is the small community of Witsand.

A mixed-use development, including a community hall, shops and a hospital, is planned for Cape Farms.

JONO Trust Professional Town Planners has applied to the City of Cape Town to rezone erf 1065 from Agricultural Zone to Mixed Use 1 to establish a warehouse, retail space, hospital, community hall and a place of worship in the area.

Ward 32 councillor Babara Rass said that as much as she welcomed a new development in the area, she wanted it to benefit the community.

“Way too often do projects like this happen in some communities and the people of that area don’t get employed to work on the project.

“People in the area should be employed in the construction process, and once the development is up and running, there are jobs there that should benefit the people.

“Things like this should be uplifting the community, creating jobs, providing recreational spaces for the youth.

“I think that places of worship are very important too, and that is why I welcome this plan,” said Ms Rass.

Witsand is next to the proposed development site. Pinky Lolo lives there and she’s a member of the local branch of the SA National Civic Organisation. She said Sanco would want to discuss the development in more detail but overall the organisation welcomed it.

“We need facilities like these. In our community, we don’t have a clinic and our people need jobs. Developments like this will always be welcome in the area as long as it’s the people from these areas that benefit,” she said.

Atlantis resident and Community Police Forum member Ruben Swartz said he hoped the development would ease some of the social ills plaguing the community, including gangsterism, unemployment, drugs and domestic abuse.Mark Job, the owner of JONO Trust Professional Town Planners, said there was need for more job opportunities in the area as well as health and civic facilities and he hoped the community would support the project because locals would benefit from the services.

Mr Job said the development would not cause problems for roads in the area, according to a study by consulting traffic engineers.

“The traffic impact assessment was submitted to the City of Cape Town for their input as part of the land use application,” he said.

The City had sent out registered letters about the development plans to interested and affected parties and advertised in the press, he said. A notice has also been posted at the site.

Mr Job said the City would assess the need for possible upgrades to infrastructure, such as water and electricity and “ insert such upgrade requirements as part of the conditions of approval, should the application be approved”, he said.

Those that wish to comment or object can do so by writing to the municipal office at 87 Pienaar Road or send at PO Box 35, Milnerton or email Comments_Objections.Blaauwberg@capetown.gov.za by October 14 2019.