MyCiTi bus set alight in Milnerton

MyCiTi bus torched in Milnerton.
A MyCiTi bus which was on route from Cape Town to Omuramba Station in Milnerton was set alight yesterday.

Three unknown men stopped the bus at the MyCiTi bus stop next to Phoenix on Koeberg Road at 7:45pm.

The bus stopped, waiting for the trio to board. They entered the bus and threw petrol inside and set it alight.

The bus caught fire and the suspects ran away.

The driver managed to get out.

The community and security identified one of the suspects. He was arrested and detained at the Milnerton police station.

Director of Law Enforcement Robbie Roberts said, “The estimated value of the damage is R5 million. A case of arson was opened and a second charge of the Amendment Act on essential infrastructure was added to the investigation.”

Meanwhile, the strike by MyCiTi workers is continuing.

Drivers, marshals and cashiers have been on an illegal industrial action since Monday October 15.

They are demanding improved working conditions and to be in-sourced by the City of Cape Town.

The City, however, says it cannot do this as the workers are employed by the Vehicle Operating Companies (VOCs).

One of the VOCs, Kidrogen, has fired 80 striking workers. The company says it has hired new staff to mitigate the impact of an illegal strike.