New era for Bothasig clinic

Bothasig clinic is offering more services and hopes to reach as many as 7 000 people, many of whom, up until now, have had to travel further afield for health care.

For the past two years, the clinic has come under scrutiny as residents complained about a reduction in services (“Vos enters Bothasig clinic fray,” Tabletalk, April 8 2015).

Now, Ward 5 councillor Helen Carstens says the clinic has, from earlier this month, been offering a wider range of services, including everything from “a splinter in your finger to chronic diagnosis”.

Ms Carstens said it had been announced at a public meeting in February that the Western Cape Department of Health would take over the running of the clinic, once the necessary arrangements had been made.

“It now gives me great pleasure to announce this has all been done,” she said, noting that the department had been running the clinic with a full staff complement from Monday October 3.

Department spokesperson, Emerentia Cupido, said the facility now offered a “new comprehensive package” in line with the Healthcare 2030 plan to improve health services in the province.

Primary healthcare services at the clinic would include: management of chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma; full pharmacy services; mental health services and wound care. A full-time medical officer will be part of the staff.

“The new facility will also have an increase in staff members to 22, compared to the eight members that were working there previously. The facility is currently serving approximately 400 adults and an average of 1 400 children under five years of age per month,” said Ms Cupido.

She said about 3 000 Bothasig residents who had been using the Goodwood clinic could now transfer to Bothasig.

“With the increase in services, a headcount of 7 000 adults is expected,” she said.

Ms Carstens asked people to bear in mind “as with all change” there were bound to be “one or two hiccups.”

“I trust the expanded range of services will be to the benefit of many in my ward as well as further,” she said.