New ‘green’ mall to open its doors

Table Bay mall boasts two water harvesting attenuation ponds created to harvest rainwater from the roof for ablutions and irrigation.

A new mall that opens in Sunningdale on Friday September 28 will cover an area bigger than six rugby fields and it boasts several features to save water and power.

Billed as the largest shopping centre in the Big Bay area, the Table Bay Mall will have two boreholes, two water-harvesting ponds, sensor taps, single-flush-only toilets and rock gardens.

Janine Coleske, the mall’s centre manager, said the initiatives would help to make the mall sustainable.

“With the current drought and future water issues facing the Western Cape, we have been extremely conscious of water and energy consumption during construction.”

The water-harvesting ponds would collect rainwater from the roof for ablutions and irrigation.

“The roof was designed in such a way that the water will flow into the ponds. Any overflow from the ponds will be directed into the municipality’s stormwater channels. All water usage is metered.”

The mall also uses plants that can survive in a dry climate.

“Water-saving measures inside the mall include water-saving sensor taps and single flush only toilets in all the restrooms. From an energy-saving perspective, we’ve installed mainly LED lighting throughout and used skylights and glass roof panels.”

On the recycling front Table Bay mall’s wet waste will be sent to a bio plant and not to landfills.

“Wet and dry compactors will be installed on site, for recycling purposes. Sorters will also be appointed to sort the plastics, papers, cans, etc.”

Mandy Da Matta, spokesperson for the Table View Ratepayers Association (TVRA), praised the green initiatives.

“The Western Cape is the fastest growing area in the country and the area is facing the worst drought people have ever seen. All these factors mean that now, more than ever, developers have to build in a strategic manner so that the use of natural resources is limited.”