Notice on nuclear applications

Eskom’s applications to build nuclear power stations at Duynefontein and Thyspunt have been given the green light for “further processing” by the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR), which has called for public comment.

Eskom submitted applications to the NNR in March noting its intention to build and operate multiple nuclear power plants with technology not yet identified.

“The NNR completed its initial review of the applications received and has found both applications to be compliant with relevant national policies as well as the NNR Act and associated regulations, and has accepted the applications for further processing,” said NNR special nuclear projects coordinator Peter Bester.

NNR spokesman, Gino Moonsamy, said once public comment had been received it would open a second phase in the application process – formal public hearings.

“During this process, the applicant is required to develop a public information document, in accordance with the NNR’s requirements, which will be used by stakeholders to make in-depth representations during the NNR’s public hearings process.”

Information on the application and the public hearings will be made available at

The short notices advertised in newspapers indicate that both sites are now in municipalities controlled by the DA and provide for public representations in writing to the board of the NNR for 30 days from the date of each notice.

“Written comments received after the closing date will not be considered,” said the notices.