Overcrowding high on residents’ agenda

Residents raise their concerns at a meeting in Summer Greens on Monday July 31.

Residents grabbed the opportunity to make their voices heard at a Summer Greens Residents’ Association (SGRA) meeting, held at the Summer Greens community hall on Monday evening July 31.

Jayce Naidoo, the community liaison officer for area north, said following up on the roadshow that was held in Summer Greens on Wednesday June 21 (“Services expo”, Tabletalk, June 28), they wanted to be at the SGRA meeting to get a broader perspective of residents’ concerns.

The residents didn’t disappoint, diving right into their concerns, among which was overcrowding in the area.

“We have heard from the residents and we are busy trying to address the issue of overcrowding. We did a drive about on Friday July 28 and we were showed all the hot spots where houses are being rented out and crowds of people start living in that one property.”

Bridgette Lloyd, the chairperson of the SGRA, said there were 19 issues that were submitted to Suzette Little, the mayoral committee member for area north.

“As we have mentioned, there is the overcrowding issue. We also have other concerns and needs in the community like the need of a school, the need of a library and the need of a soccer field along with a host of other issues we’ve put forward,” she said.

Joy McCarthy, ward councillor for Ward 113 (West Riding, Flamingo Vlei, Killarney Gardens, Sunridge, Parklands, west of Tuscan Water and Gie Road and south of Parklands Main Road, Table View, west of the Diep River, Byron Road, North Road, Wood Drive, Redwood Road, Circle Road, Appaloosa Crescent, west of New Forest Park, The Cobbles Road, New Forest Crescent and Gie Road, south of Raats Drive, east of Raats Drive, Blaauwberg Road, Milnerton, Rietvlei), didn’t her mince words when answering the question about
the possibility of a school for the area.

“We have met with the Western Cape Education Department and they said the chances of a school in Summer Greens are absolutely zero. They said there are several schools within a 5km radius of Summer Greens and kids can get there by car, by bus or minibus taxi. And for that reason, they cannot and will not build a school here. There are three of four primary schools and two or three high schools in surrounding areas and unfortunately not every suburb can have a school.”

The SGRA itself was not out of the firing line, with some residents complaining that there was an elite group that put themselves in high positions, whether that be in the SGRA or the neighbourhood watch.

Ms Lloyd tried to assure residents that those allegations were unfounded and that residents are always invited to take part in community programmes.

For more information about the Summer Greens Residents’ Association, call Ms Lloyd on 076 959 1604. The Summer Greens Neighbourhood Watch can be contacted on the emergency number 072 874 1697.