Pass the schnapps, please

Peter Smulik, Rugby

With regard to the Dunoon underpass (“Plan for Dunoon underpass,” May 31, Tabletalk), there is, in German, a most fitting word for such an absurd idea: Schnapsidee which describes something senseless and fraught with countless dangers, a concept inspired after consumption of too much schnapps.

Underpasses anywhere in the country are prone to become a “home for the homeless”, flooded after heavy rains, dangerous especially to women and after dark, etc.

After the first “incident”, nobody will want to use it.

The powers that be have obviously not learnt anything from past events and installations that have become abandoned exactly because of all the well-known inherent shortcomings.

Just because a bridge is “too expensive”, we’ll waste a few million on an underpass first that will become redundant in no time at all.