Phoenix’s needs are being ignored

Letter to the editor.

Russel Capes, Phoenix

I am the interim chairperson of the Phoenix Neighbourhood Watch. After two months of preparation, sending out more than 400 hand-dropped flyers and placing ads in local papers about our AGM, it had to be cancelled at the last minute.

The City gave us confirmation of the booking, but the day before the AGM, we were told, “Sorry, you can’t have the hall.”

Let it be known we understand that matrics are using the hall, and it’s vital that they write, but it should have been handled differently so that other plans could be made. The big issue here is that this has happened three times in the last two months, and all on the eve of very important meetings. Is the City trying to railroad our meetings? And how is it possible each time Phoenix needs the hall there is always an excuse that we can’t get it? It seems like the hall is available for anyone but ratepayers.

I have lived in Phoenix for 24 years, and we have always had ward councillors who have failed miserably at their duties. If you connect the dots over the years, a pattern will form showing you why Phoenix has fallen apart.

The City needs to be held accountable for the loss of value of our property. I blame them solely, as for years we have sat in meetings handing officials everything they need on a platter, yet they refuse to act on vital information, leading to the destruction of our area.

I served on the ward committee, and I know this is the source of the problem. We were told to work through ward councillors, which we did and raised all issues at sub-council level. We were bluntly told not to come with a shopping list. We, unfortunately, have to now find alternate solutions as we have zero confidence in the City and it’s ward councillors especially in Ward 4. They have shown no respect and fail to take responsibility for their poor decisions. You, the City, are responsible for the state of Phoenix.

The City of Cape did not comment by deadline.