‘Pot luck’

Edgemead residents have complained about potholes, with one saying it’s like taking “pot luck” when driving through the area.

Complaints were posted on councillor Helen Carstens’s Facebook page. Ms Carstens has been busy logging pothole complaints with the city.

Edgemead resident Peter Bossenger also sent Tabletalk an email listing some the streets plagued with potholes, these included: Letchworth Drive, Wimbledon Way, Coleford Way and D’Almeida Avenue.

Brett Herron, Mayco member for transport and urban development, said there had been a citywide spike in pothole complaints following heavy rains.

“The majority of potholes form in the wet or rainy season. When it rains and the water accumulates on the road, tyres from the vehicles actually squeeze the water in to the road pavement layer.

“The repeated pump action between the road surface and the tyres of the vehicles causes the road to crack.

“Water gets through the cracks and weakens the pavement layers, which, in turn, leads to more cracking and eventually a pothole forms,” said Mr Herron.

He said the City was sending out teams to fix potholes and inspect roads for damage, but repairs were usually temporary during winter – a “holding action” using “cold mix” asphalt until a permanent repair could be done, with more durable “hot premix” asphalt in more favourable weather.

* To report potholes email Transport.Info@capetown.gov.za or call the Transport Information Centre at 0800 65 64 63. This is a 24/7 information centre and is toll free from a landline or a cellphone.