Ratepayers association gives good service

Henry Viljoen, Richwood

I have lived in Richwood for more than 15 years and have seen our area go from good to bad.

Two years ago we thought the ratepayers association will help bring our community together, but that failed.

We still supported the Association even though it was falling apart. March 2017 brought an election and with it new blood.

With this there was a dramatic turnaround in Richwood. We went from nothing to new roads, clean parks, clean streets, regular updates and information as well as street cleaning programmes. Now recently we have a Richwood Small Business Facebook and WhatsApp page. This has already given rise to more employment. Also with that our family are seeing how Richwood is growing.

I know from many in Richwood we would like to thank the Richwood Ratepayers’ Association and the leadership. They are driving us to be a community.