Safe delivery at Table View cop shop

A baby boy was born at Table View police station with the assistance of Table View community medic, Kim Jurgens, at 5.30am on Sunday February 28.

The pregnant mother had come to the police station, seeking assistance when her water broke and Ms Jurgens was contacted to assist with the delivery.

“I moved the mom into an area with a bit more privacy and continuously monitored and assessed her. The father was such an attentive man; he rubbed her back as she was in pain and tried to find a wet cloth for her. It touched me so much to see the love and care,” said Ms Jurgens.

During the ordeal, a woman in custody made use of the opportunity to run through the police station and try and escape police custody, however, SAPS were quick on their feet and managed to detain her.

“This excitement brought with it a new energy for the tired mother, which resulted in the birth of a beautiful baby boy. The father had packed a blanket which he covered his son with and some tiny baby booties which he proudly slipped onto his son’s feet.

“The child was then placed onto his exhausted mother’s chest to keep him warm and to bond with his mom,” stated the Community Medics press release.

A provincial ambulance then arrived and the new parents and their boy were taken through to hospital for treatment and monitoring.

“It’s just so nice to be able to offer practical help. It reaffirmed why I do this, why I volunteer. There were lumps in my throat and I was fighting back tears while watching those proud parents make their way to hospital,” said Ms Jurgens.