Stay out of yellow lane

Rita Scott, Table View

October 5.

I also travel along the R27 weekly and it is horrific to see the way people drive. Motorists overtaking a vehicle that has moved over into the yellow line (which is illegal but I am sure most of us do this to be polite) and as Mr Tipping mentioned, they will still cross the barrier line by a very large amount so that cars coming from the opposite direction – and I have had to do this on many occasions – had to swerve suddenly.

I also want to know what are these people thinking or are they not thinking at all. The R27 is a race track for many motorists. No wonder they call the R27 (West Coast Road) the road of death.

Many motorists will sit on your tail to almost force you to go over into the yellow lane. Moving over into the yellow lane must stop. It’s becoming very dangerous.