Sunningdale Primary: the new kid on the block

Sunningdale Primary Schools first group of prefects sporting the schools new winter blazers.

On December 12 2012 at 12 minutes past 12, the keys of Sunningdale Primary School were handed over to the school’s principal, Estelle de Wit.

The school officially open its doors on January 16 2013 with 186 pupils, eight teachers, including Ms De Wit, a caretaker, and a parent from another school who was kind enough to help out as the new school’s secretary.

“There was nothing in the school but tables, chairs and very limited learner resources. No telephone or computer, cup, kettle, fridge, etc,” recalls Ms De Wit.

But the school moved quickly to establish itself, and soon it had a flag, with its motto “Believe and Achieve” emblazoned on it; uniforms for summer, winter and physical education; school bags; and a school song.

Now the school has 921 pupils with 71 staff.

Not only does it now have a phone and a kettle, it also has jungle gyms, two netball courtS, cricket pitches and nets, two school buses, a computer room, an art and music department and more.

The school’s pupils include a karate champ, a top sprinter and a Tygerberg Children’s Choir chorister.

Other pupils have earned Western Province colours for different sport codes and dancing.

The school has started its own traditions, including Pyjama Day (everyone comes to school in their pyjamas); World Book Day (everyone dresses up as a book character) and No Shoe Day (everyone comes to school barefoot and donates shoes to charity).