Time for sharing

Elizabeth Viljoen, Brooklyn

Christmas is a time of giving, sharing and caring. Over the last few years I have put together a meal for the homeless and needy at the Tommy Rendle VC Shellhole in Brooklyn.

Once again I’d like to reach out to the community and ask them to get involved in helping just a little bit to give those in distress, the homeless and the elderly a little something for Christmas.

If we as a community come together, we can help the neglected feel special for one day this year.

If everyone in the community was to donate just a tin of beans, a lettuce or a R10 bag of mince, even just one potato, imagine what a special day we can give those in need.

Please call or WhatsApp Warren on 084 567 9359 to get the list of things needed.

We don’t like accepting cash but the goods instead.

I am also collecting second-hand clothes and toys for the children.

The meal will be on Monday December 24, from 2.30pm.

For more information contact me on 074 480 7872 or eacapes@gmail.com

And to all readers, please put a present under your Christmas tree for your pets as they also deserve to be treated for this special day.