Trio arrested for selling alcohol in Dunoon

Some of the alcohol which was confiscated in Dunoon on Friday April 3.
Metro police officers confiscated alcohol valued at R500 000 in Dunoon on Friday April 3.

The officers, who were conducting lockdown operations in the area, received a tip-off about alcohol being sold from a vehicle.

They followed up and soon spotted the vehicle but the driver tried to drive away. A car chase ensued and the officers cornered the vehicle and arrested two men for failing to abide by lockdown regulations.

When questioned about the alcohol sales, the suspects gave the officers an address for a tavern in the area.

The officers went to the tavern. On arrival, they found a man buying alcohol from a side door, but he ran away.

Metro police spokesperson, Ruth Solomons, said: “Inside, officers found three individuals who were arrested for selling prohibited goods.”

They also confiscated alcohol, two fridges and just over R35 000 in cash.