Trolley patrol suspends services

A woman uses a Checkers trolley to move her belongings around.

The Table View trolley patrol has suspended their operations until further notice, citing lack of assistance from the community, retail shops and Law Enforcement.

Wendy Roberton of Sector 2 Table View Community Police Forum (CPF) said they are not as active as they were for the same reason that the clean-up group stopped their community service (“Clean-up crews want protection”, Tabletalk, November 28). She said until they get some assistance from official law enforcement authorities and retailers to open cases of theft against those using the trolleys unlawfully it seems pointless to keep on operating.

“No consequences means we are just running around removing trolleys and in 10 minutes they will just have taken another one. We are grateful that there are a few of those who are responsible and take their trolleys back to their designated areas,” she said.

Earlier this year in April, Tabletalk reported that 65 trolleys from various shops were recovered and the total cost of these trolleys is R69 300. The losses were attributed to people taking these trolleys and using it as carts as well as the carelessness of those who leave the trolleys anywhere once they are done shopping (“Forum takes on trolley patrols”, Tabletalk, June 13).

Craig Neethling, the CPF’s trolley patrol co-ordinator, said they have suspended operations because they feel like they’re taken for granted and that they can’t do it on their own.

“I have been part of the patrols for the past four years. By suspending our operations, we are trying to get the community at large, law enforcement and the retailers to take responsibility and not rely on us for this. However, we do have plans in the new year to resolve this and only time will tell what transpires,” he said.

The trolley patrol was officially started earlier this year although there have been some residents
and members of the CPF who have been doing it for the past couple of years.

Adrian Johnson, the district manager for Horizon Trolley Management, which handles trolleys for Shoprite and Checkers, said they are aware of the decision by the trolley patrol and are very sad to hear the news. He said he understands that the safety aspect is very important for the patrollers in trying to recover the trolleys.

“The trolley patrol has been helping us quite a lot and we really appreciate the work that they do. We have always supported and will continue to support the patrollers and they must know that we are always just one call away for any assistance they need,” he said.