TVRA not a ‘springboard’

Mike Channing, ACDP candidate councillor Ward 23

I have lived in this community, and been a member of the ratepayers’ association, since 1983.

This is the place where my family grew up, went to school, and began their adult life. I have planted a church and a school in this community. I am grateful to this community, the schools, NGOs, safety and security services, and all the community forums for the support in growing a community that we can be proud of. I believe that at grassroots level we are all giving our time and talents to produce just that.

The “ACDP candidates” that you refer to, are all bona fide members of this community (“TVRA or TV soapie”, Tabletalk, July 20).

We have all given decades of free service, through the TVRA and other NGOs, to this community. This service has never been as politicians, but as simple community members.

The “ACDP candidates” never canvassed for members among the TVRA, nor used the TVRA database to contact TVRA members in order to canvas them for the party.

The TVRA certainly did not act as a “springboard” to us, but rather as an encouragement to be able to serve this community in a far greater capacity. We are indebted to the ACDP for allowing us the opportunity to serve in this way as part of their commitment to meet the needs in the greater Table View area.

The TVRA will always be there for the broader community, and we will continue to be members of this association, far beyond the 2016 local government election.

Our loyalty is to this community, to its development, to its success, and to getting her fair share of the rate rand.

We pledge ourselves to respect the people of this community; to serve with excellence; to lead with integrity; and to be accountable and transparent in our dealing with the community.