TVRA or TV soapie?

The purpose of a ratepayers’ association is for residents of an area to come together to address issues of concern for the benefit of all in the community, yet one would not be faulted for thinking just the opposite when taking a look at the Table View Ratepayers’ Association’s Facebook page.

The amount of mudslinging, accusations, counter-accusations, suspicions, bickering and political intrigue within the association makes the need for a home-theatre system obsolete.

All one has to do is switch on the computer, log in to Facebook and follow the trail of backstabbing and moaning. Yet, while it’s all too easy to dismiss this ongoing farce as a “storm in a teacup”, the sad reality is that there is a much larger community suffering at the hands of a few petty and power-hungry individuals who appear to have used the association as a spingboard to curry favour with small parties on the right of the political spectrum: three are standing as ACDP candidates and one for the Freedom Front Plus.

Perhaps this infighting is good because, messy as it may be, it will give residents a clear picture of who is directing this TV soapie. Hopefully they will decide that it’s time for some fresh content.