Waste of money

Thys Carstens, Summer Greens

Why waste R30 million when the City of Cape Town can spend the money where it’s needed most?

I have been a homeowner in Summer Greens for the last 14 years.

During this time, the City has done nothing for our suburb.

We do not even have a councillor (ours being suspended). I have been busy with the City to have a look at all the pavements we have here that are just sand and weeds.

My request was to please tar them, because the sand blows onto our properties and into our houses.

I sent photos for them to see how bad it looks. The only answer I could get so far was that they will arrange to spray and kill the weeds.

I escalated my complaint as far as the chief whip of the DA. Their office sent it right down to the bottom again.

After all the emails and phone calls, I can now see why people complain that the City of Cape Town only looks after the rich.

But every month the City accepts our rates payments with open arms.