Bad karma for hurting cat

Brian Joss, Sanddrift

I hope the person who picked my cat up by the scruff of her neck and dumped her up to her tail in a bucket of an unidentified greasy substance has heard about karma. What goes around comes around.

The cat, Domino, hardly ever strays out of the garden. It has its favourite “hiding” place under the mimosa bush in the back garden or under the braai.

Sometimes she will walk on the Vibracrete fence and jump on to the roof for a bit of sun. She is in and out of the house all day and when she’s hungry she’ll let us know.

Last Wednesday we were concerned when she disappeared after breakfast. We only saw her late in the afternoon, looking like a bedraggled rat. Her fur was full of grease and slick to the touch. It was too late to take her to the parlour. But she went to hide under the piano and the next day we took her for a clean-up to the grooming parlour and the exercise cost us R170. This cat was severely traumatised, made worse by our attempts to clean her and the enforced visit to the parlour where she bit the groomer. It’s a pity she didn’t bite the neighbour, it would have taught them a painful lesson.

We have had Domino for 10 years since the day we were scammed by one of the pet agencies in Durbanville who assured us it was a male Maine Coon. As it turned our she was neither a Maine Coon or a male.

It also took us a long time to get her to trust us, so we think the con artist sold us a feral cat, that eats only premium dry cat food.

Domino has never harmed anyone. I doubt if she has ever caught a bird or a mouse. The other cats we have owned always brought their offerings to show us, whether it was a pigeon in its last throes or a still wriggling mouse.

The person who did this perpetrated an act of cruelty and probably abuses people too.

Unfortunately, I have no idea who did this otherwise I would report them to the SPCA.

Fortunately the cat is almost back to her usual self and snuggling up to our Siberian husky to keep warm.

Beware, karma will bite you in the bum when you least expect it.