Young scientists

Three Parklands College pupils, Seth Vogler, Frank Smuts and Devon Crowther have returned home after being invited to take part in the German Young Physicists’ Tournament (GYPT 2017), which was held from Friday March 3 to Sunday March 5 at the German Phyziksentrum in Bad Honnef. The annual tournament pits finalists against each other to select the German National IYPT Team, which will compete in the International Young Physicist’s Tournament in Singapore later this year.The Parklands College competitors have never competed on this level nor in this competition before and out of 84 participants in the tournament Seth placed 21st, being in the top 25 percent of the participants; Frank was placed 24th in the top 30 percent and Devon placed 47th. Out of 30 teams, Parklands College placed 12th. From left, are Dr Falk Ebert Senior Juror, German Young Physicists’ Tournament; Seth, Devon, Frank, and Don Duffield, head of physical science, Parklands College.

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