Book review

Robert Ludlum’s The Treadstone ResurrectionJoshua HoodHead of ZeusReview: Lauren O’Connor-May

This book launches a new series of novels set in the Jason Bourne universe, as it is called.

There are already more than a dozen books based in this universe, by two different authors, and it appears, based on their titles that the others all feature the titular Bourne.

However, this new series does not. Nor does it even mention him in passing.

Instead, it launches another trained war machine, Adam Hayes.

Hayes has left Treadstone, the covert, military, assassin-creating division, and is trying to build a life for himself as a building contractor.

But, as the few minutes of the Jason Bourne part of the series that I indulged taught me, you can’t just walk away from a machine like Treadstone.

His Treadstone past violently reintrudes into his life and Hayes goes on a mad goose run that transforms into a chase with non-stop action, violence and gore.

My husband is a big fan of Jason Bourne and was therefore immediately interested and hooked on this book.

I am not and therefore dragged my way through this book, which is fundamentally just skop, skiet and donner in the written form.

If you enjoy mindless, violent entertainment with lots of weapons and war tech, and don’t mind glaring plot holes, then you will like this book. But, if you prefer plots with interesting twists, well-developed characters and a storyline that is not primarily everyone getting killed violently, then rather read something else.