A hundred hoorahs for Kathleen

Kathleen Kilian with her daughter Maureen Parker.

Kathleen Kilian celebrated her 100th birthday with a massive cake she couldn’t keep her fingers out of. Ms Kilian, from Table View, celebrated the milestone on Sunday.

Unable to speak much, Ms Kilian née Hignett spends her time watching TV and reading. With two dedicated caregivers, the centenarian has round-the-clock care but is still independent enough to roam the house unattended.

Her daughter, Maureen Parker, says her mom isn’t on any chronic medication.

“She’s Iosing her hair, but there’s not one grey hair.”

Ms Kilian was born in Wynberg on 24 November 1919. At 19, she married Reginald Kilian and had two daughters. She spent a big part of her life in England but returned to Cape Town in the 1990s where she settled in Table View.

When presented with her birthday cake, sponsored by a local grocery store, Ms Kilian could not resist picking off a strawberry.