Bad smell from drain

The broken drain cover before it was fixed.

Manny Rodrigues, Edgemead

I have a sewerage drain cover in my driveway.

It is cracked and a piece has broken off etc. Traffic takes place

over this cover and the smell emanating from it when the wind blows a certain direction is unpleasant.

I have reported via SMS to the local council.

A reference number was obtained and the council came here only to be told no cover was available and that they would come back.

This was nearly three months ago.

I sent another SMS and was told because of Covid-19 there were staff shortages.

I even went as far as to tell them that I would pick up the cover

and replace it myself.

Nothing has happened. I pay my rates and taxes.

Xanthea Limberg, Mayoral committee member for water and

waste, responds:

The manhole cover was replaced this morning.

The delay was due to the design of this side hinged cover no longer being used in operations or held in stock.

The depot undertook a search for a similar model and managed to source one, which was fitted on the property this morning. The

manhole cover and frame will be upgraded to the new design

currently in use in the City in due course.

The City regrets any inconvenience caused.