Broken telephone

Jackie Olwage, Parklands

Why do government departments have telephones when the phones are never answered.

After searching the white and yellow pages and the other colours as well – no luck. I then called Telkom’s information service, only to be told that the number was not listed with them.

Next, I tried all the regional offices, and after listening to the useless ringing at three of them, lo and behold, the fourth one answered, or at least, the recorded message did.

Don’t you just hate that? After listening to the various options, I chose the one that sounded more or less like the one I wanted, pressed the number, and listened to it ring. After a minute, I hung up.

Desperate now, because I wanted some information before going there (there is always some document you should have brought with which you haven’t) I went on to Google, and there it was – address, map, office hours and phone number.

You guessed it: nobody answered the phone.