Daughter robbed at knifepoint

Ivan McGrane Richwood

On Friday June 2, at approximately 2.30pm, my daughter was robbed at knifepoint by a thug while she was walking with her brother and his girlfriend to the shop in Richwood.

This is the second time this has happened to her in broad daylight.

A prowler was also looking through her window in the early hours of the morning a few months ago. She is so traumatised by all of this she had to go for counselling.

We have been living in Richwood since 1992 and have had our house broken into three times, two cars stolen, vehicles broken into numerous times and items stolen out of our backyard more times than I can remember. Not to mention how many times police have chased suspects through our property and a security patrol man has been shot at on our front lawn in the early hours of the morning.

Just about every one of our neighbours has experienced crime in one form or another. The residents of Richwood are tired of this. We can’t even allow our children to play outside or walk on the streets anymore.

We have been fighting to have a fence erected along the N7 for many years now but to no avail.

Mr Herron, made the idiotic statement that the fence would stop some of the City’s poorest residents from walking to train stations and bus and taxi ranks.

If Mr Herron did a bit of research he would have seen that the Dunoon residents do not have to walk through Richwood to get to train stations, bus and taxi ranks as there are none in the area. In fact, all bus and taxi ranks are situated in Dunoon.

Mr Herron is also condoning the fact that Dunoon residents have to cross the N7 highway to get to Richwood, which is dangerous and illegal, and he is denying us the right to safety and security in our streets and homes. Enough is enough.

As for the DA, we have lost confidence in you and will not vote for you anymore.

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