Editorial: Unearthing stormy responses

Cape Town - 180817 - Property Feature - Milnerton general residential area and infrastructure - In pic c/o Langerman and Gousblom Milnerton - Photographer - Tracey Adams - ANA African News Agency

The howling Cape Doctor can, at the best of times, give a pummelling prescription to those it catches out in the open, but just add sand and grit in industrial measure and you have a concoction that, far from putting hair on your chest, will sandblast it right off.

So it’s understandable that the good folk of Woodbridge Island are unimpressed with the earthworks happening at the nearby primary school at a time of year when the Cape Doctor hangs out his shingle with renewed gusto.

Apart from the inconvenience of having your home feel like a wet Speedo with beach sand stuck in all the worst places, there’s also the reports of sandstorm-like clouds descending on the R27.

Motorists on that route are a hardy bunch, but even they can’t be expected to deal with that.

One can understand that the school is in a jam and that the work on the field must be done for the children to develop skills other than doing Parkour holding a peanut-butter sandwich, but surely it would have been simple good manners for the school or the education department to keep their neighbours in the loop.

The fact that they didn’t is what stings more than the sand.