Gardening brings Table View resident joy

Kaylyn Van As in her veggie garden at home in Table View.

Gardening isn’t just for grannies, says 23-year-old Kaylyn van As of Table View.

A science graduate, Kaylyn started gardening to put some balance in her life.

She says her friends teased her at first, saying she was starting to act like a granny, but Kaylyn says gardening is not just for the elderly.

“I quickly learnt that gardening is actually quite a strenuous activity if you really want to grow a wide range of plants. It’s not just an activity for older people. It’s actually quite physically demanding.”

On Sunday October 11, garden lovers across the country will be celebrating the fifth annual Garden Day, which was launched by the Candide gardening app in 2016.

Garden enthusiasts will hold a series of virtual gatherings on Zoom and Facebook Live. The programme can be viewed at

The live events will be attended by gardening guru Tanya Visser, comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout and radio and TV presenter Zoë Brown.

One of the Garden Day organisers, Thembalethu Khumalo, says South Africans have increasingly turned to their green spaces during lockdown to find solace and balance.

“Gardening has been proven to boost both mental and physical well-being and create a sense of belonging and connection. With spring in the air, it offers a chance to pause, reflect, and celebrate a season of new beginnings. From enjoying an outdoor picnic with your family to sharing your green haven with friends online, Garden Day is about taking a moment to celebrate the greenery that brings you joy.”

Kaylyn says Candide provides her with a rich source of knowledge about growing and nurturing plants.

“One of the really good things about Candide is that it has attracted a number of professionals who freely share their knowledge and tips.

“It also enables me to post pictures of my garden and to share my experiences. I hope to expand my garden and to get to the point where I have ample surplus which I can donate to a feeding scheme.”

For more details on Garden Day, contact Thembalethu Khumalo at or 076 338 8361 or contact Lisa Pellatt at or 084 553 4629.