Man arrested after Milnerton hostage drama

A screengrab from a video of the hostage incident at Millvale Park, Milnerton.

A 44-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday morning after an all-night hostage drama, say police.

Police were alerted to a hostage-taking at the Millvale Park flats, in Lobelia Street, on Monday, at about 6pm, according to Milnerton SAPS spokeswoman Captain Nopaya Madyibi.

“On their arrival at the address, a 44-year-old male suspect kept hostage his wife and children in their apartment. During the course of the night, he released them and locked himself with a firearm in their apartment, and discharged three shots in his yard. Negotiations went on through the night,” she said.

The man was arrested after surrendering to the police at about 7am on Tuesday.

No injuries were reported.

Police are investigating a case of illegal discharging of a firearm in a public place.

Milnerton SAPS and Milnerton Crime Watch were on the scene of the hostage drama.

Milnerton Crime Watch was also on the scene, and its patrol coordinator, Craig Pedersen, said he was glad that it had ended without anyone getting hurt.

“Quite often, people want situations like this to end quickly. But I must applaud the negotiators whose priority was to make sure everyone was safe. Yes, it took all night, but they really handled it well. Many families are going through a rough time with Covid, Eskom and all the other stresses in their lives. There have been many other cases of family violence and killings and this could have turned out that way,” he said.