Showers in bathroom call

Due to water shortages, future homes should only be allowed showers in the bathrooms. Houses with baths should pay a 25percent tax on top of their monthly water consumption. The same should apply to jacuzzis, swimming pools, any outside or indoor water features and fish ponds. South Africa’s water is hopelessly to cheap. Let’s put a premium on it – Phill, Sunningdale.

* Only time will proof whether President Jacob Zuma was right or wrong in replacing former Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene. The funny part is that not a single person confirmed openly that he/she lost any money through it. Us poor invest in bread, baked beans and mealie meal. They say stock exchanges are only very sofisticated gambling casinos. So, better luck to the players in 2016 going further with Minister Pravin Gordhan – Bongani, Dunoon.

* Providing abode for the homeless is not solving any problems. Patricia de Lille needs to talk to me. I am a retired chef and a recovering alcoholic. Two of the classrooms must be turned into kitchens cum lecture rooms. Twenty tables with 20 small stoves, 20 mini sinks, cooking utensils etc. The grounds outside must be dug up and the street folk must grow their vegetables and herbs. More, much more to this, than just a hand out. AA meetings twice a week. And don’t get a church involved – Ben Davids, Brooklyn.