Traffic concerns over Tijgerhof development

An artist’s impression of the housing estate planned for Daniell Road Tijgerhof

A proposal to build a housing estate in Daniell Road, Tijgerhof, could cause more traffic congestion in the area, say residents.

An application to the City to subdivide 43 Daniell Road into two portions was drawn up by Andrew Pratt Town Planners on behalf of the Milnerton Jewish Guild, which used to own the site but has since sold it to Signature Properties.

Portion A has a synagogue and a pre-school on the land, which will remain there.

Portion B, which is empty and 4019m² in extent, will be developed with 28 double-storey townhouses, each with its own garage, and 18 additional parking bays.

This is phase two of a two-part development happening on Portion B. Phase one – the building of 26 double-storey townhouses – has already been approved, according to Mr Pratt.

The deadline for public comments on phase two ends on Tuesday July 12.

No comments or objections have been received so far, according to mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment Eddie Andrews.

The City would only decide on whether to approve the development or not once the applicant had responded to any comments or objections and input from the City’s relevant departments, he said.

Mr Pratt said the property had been owned by the Milnerton Jewish Guild since 1967.

According to him, each townhouse will have a maximum height of 8 meters, with a pitched roof. The two-bedroom and three-bedroom houses will range in size from 98m², to 130m², including the garage.

The gated complex, which is planned for completion next year, will be called Willow Lane and townhouses there will be priced between R2.2 million and R3.1 million.

“Parking has been adequately provided. The proposal does not include a parking departure. The application has also been discussed extensively with the City’s transportation department, who did not object to the application,” said Mr Pratt.

Entrances and exits to the complex will be along Daniell Road.

The Milnerton Jewish Guild said it was no longer involved in the development after selling Portion B of the property to Signature Properties.

Signature Properties referred all questions to the town planners.

Five Daniell Road residents who spoke to Tabletalk did not want to be named, saying that while they did not plan to object to the development, they did plan to submit comments and concerns.

They all felt the development would add to traffic congestion in the road.

An elderly resident said the development had its “negatives and positives” and while it would look good for the community, it would also drive up rates in the area, making it hard for pensioners like himself to stay there.

Traffic congestion was already a problem and the development would only put more cars on the streets of Tijgerhof, he said.

Tijgerhof Neighbourhood Watch chairman Gordon Munro said he had not heard anyone “speaking negatively about the development” and he didn’t think residents would object, but he added that “traffic remains a concern for Tijgerhof”.

Those wishing to comment can find a form at and email it to

The complex’s entrace and exit gates will be along Daniell Road