Unsung heroes honoured

From left, supervisor Gerhard Prinsloo, patrolman Niel Franklin, Milnerton Crime Watch chairman Bernie Goldschmidt and patrolman Abduragmaan Williams show off their long service awards.

There are many men and women in our communities who dedicate their lives to make their neighbourhood crime-free zones as they use their eyes to guard the area and to ensure that they help thy neighbor.

These individuals are offered no remuneration and usually no recognition, but on Wednesday November 2, three individuals were acknowledged and rewarded for their years of service to the community.

The Milnerton Crime Watch Trust handed over three long service awards to patrol supervisor Gerhard Prinsloo and patrolmen Niel Franklin and Abduragmaan Williams who all celebrated their 10 year service awards this month.

These unsung heroes were acknowledged for their service to the community and notching up dozens of arrests.

Mr Prinsloo joined the watch in 2006, and came from a long background in the private security industry, as well as Mr Williams and Mr Franklin who all found their “home” at Milnerton Crime Watch where they patrolled the Milnerton Central area between Boundary and Racecourse roads and Koeberg Road and the seafront.

According to Milnerton Crime Watch project manager Craig Pedersen, Mr Franklin is a familiar face to the residents of Milnerton and is known for his sharp observation skills.

“What can I say, I love my work and this area is home to me now. I know it better than my own neighborhood. I’m very proud to have served in Milnerton,” said Mr Franklin.

“These men drive an average of 3000km each in the area during their shifts.

“The total compliment of seven patrol staff complete around 12000km of patrolling in the area per month. It’s really quite a taxing job for the guys, they drive exceptionally slowly most of the time to ensure that they get a good patrol pattern and note anything out of the ordinary.

“Added to this they work the industry standard 12-hour shifts so it makes for quite a long day. It takes stamina, dedication and a real desire to make a difference for them to do this job,” said Mr Pedersen.

Milnerton Crime Watch chairman Bernie Goldschmidt was full of praise for their hard work and dedication to the Milnerton community over the years and said it’s critical for a project like the crime watch to find the right people.

“I think their length of service is a direct testimony to having chosen the right ones in these patrolmen,” said Mr Goldschmidt before presenting the men with long service awards.

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