Where are MyCiTi buses?

Debra Skopelitis, Bothasig

Reading the article on the MyCiTi-bus-and-taxi issue in the Tabletalk (“Table View taxi debacle continues,” Tabletalk, May 22) made me sit back and try to remember when last I actually saw a MyCiTi bus.

Working in Montague Gardens and leaving between 4.30pm and 5pm in the evenings, I would maybe see at least one or two in the evenings.

Well, that was the case last year. This year, I haven’t seen any. Are they still on the roads? Do they still ride the same routes?

MyCiTi lanes lay totally bare of any buses, while taxis use them, and the roads are jam-packed with traffic.

On the pavement one can see a queue of people waiting patiently for a Golden Arrow bus or taxi.

How sad it is when the public are led to believe things will get better for all. All that is accomplished is bitter disappointment as per usual.