Kickflips, decks and airwaves…


Last year was one Johannes will look back on fondly. He was the first South African skater to be invited to the FISE skateboarding world series, in China, where he placed in the top 10.

He was acknowledged with a permanent exhibition at the National Museum of Sport, in France, and debuted with a video on Tony Hawk’s website, RIDE channel.

He is ranked as one of SA’s top three skaters and is on the top 100 action athletes list worldwide.

He got his own skate competition off the ground last year, Back to Back ZA, where up-and-coming skaters have the chance to compete on the main stage.

This year he hopes to emulate his 2015 successes and, if possible, take it a step further.

To this end he will be hosting Back to Back once again, now features on DJ Ready D’s Good Hope FM show once a month with a skateboarding and extreme sport-dedicated time slot and is looking forward to the World Cup of Skateboarding, to be held in Paris, France, later this year.

“Skateboarding in South Africa is bigger than I have ever seen it. There are so many new skateboaraders on the rise and so many new brands backing us and the scene to get it to an international status.

“A few years ago there were only a handful of skaters in Cape Town but I am happy to see so many around now. It’s growing at a vast rate and kids are progressing faster than ever.

“The internet is helping us all connect and keep up with each other and what the level is globally, driving us all in an upward and positive direction,” he said.

Of course, getting the word out about skate news on local airwaves is just another way that Johannes is able to reach out and interact with those cut from the same cloth.

“As of January I have been joining DJ Ready D on his show the last Monday of every month, talking about skating, the scene and bringing a few updates from the world of extreme sports.

“I have a lot of fun behind the mic and really enjoy talking to and engaging with such a large audience and it is a real honour for me.

“When I first started out doing radio interviews I was very nervous, as anyone would be, but as time went by I started to have a lot of fun with it and shook off the nerves. Now I really have a blast doing it.

“My aim is to keep everyone informed with what’s happening in skateboarding, both locally and abroad and to bring in and engage with other professionals who are making a difference either on or off the board,” he said.

Of course, the plucky young skater is more focused than ever on his career on the deck, not just behind the decks, and the competitions are lining up.

He is hoping to make an impact on the global scene but also to get young skaters on their boards and gearing up for competitions of their own.

“I have been sent an invitation to compete in a world cup skateboarding event in Paris, France, called Far N High, which will take place at the end of May.

“It is a pro and amateur open and I am looking forward to doing my best there. Later in the year I am hoping to go back to China and compete in the next FISE world series.

“At the end of March I will be doing my charity drive with Revolution Skate as well as my second Back to Back contest at the Shred skate park, in Paarden Eiland,” he said.

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