Training in the sky

The Douglas Dakota C47-TP during a training session.

Peter Smulik, Rugby

Any idea why our big flying machine, the “Dak” Douglas Dakota is so busy of late?

They are flying that thing morning day and evening. Seems like they might be taking people on sightseeing trips around the peninsula. Or are they VVIPs?

* Major Patrick Paulse of Air Force Base Ysterplaat responds:

35 Squadron, the custodian of the Douglas Dakota C47-TP, is the maritime patrol squadron of the SA Air Force. In order for 35 Squadron to conduct their core business, regular flight training must take place to keep their air crew current. The current flying activities you have noticed are purely to keep air crew current for day and night operations. The aircraft in use is configured purely for maritime patrol operations and cannot be used for passengers. These are standard training flights only South African Air Force personnel are part of the crew complement.