Unhappy with DStv ads

John A Darné, Table View

I am sure many other readers will agree with me about the way DStv is going with their ad campaign. The following really annoys me.

They continually break into Sky News and BBC News with their advertising. Much of their advertising is for events which have already passed.

The ad for Clear Score is one which totally freaks me out. There are these two characters lounging on a couch, talking of buying a car. This ad has been playing over and over again, until I am heartily sick of it. Why don’t these guys get off their backsides and go and buy this car. Clear Score is one place I would never go to after their ad.

Another series of ads which gets my goat, are the ads for Outsurance. These ads have also been playing non-stop for months now. They have so annoyed me that I would never even consider taking out insurance with them.

Considering all the above, I am seriously thinking of stopping my DStv subscription and going for one of these other packages, like Netflix or similar. DStv is putting more and more ads into their package, and increasing subscriptions nearly every year.