Happy to have new traffic lights

Meriel Rowbottom, Table View

I was pleased to read the article (“MyCiTi now has ‘white of way’,” Tabletalk May 18). Since I arrived in Cape Town three years ago, I have often thought that the traffic lights for the buses and the motor cars should not be the same shape.

I thought of various sizes, colours and forms of the presentation but never thought of having completely different signage. The new bus traffic lights are an absolutely brilliant design and I hope will be spread rapidly to all bus routes. It will be easier to “train” the bus drivers than it would be to “train” all the general vehicle drivers.

I am sure this will reduce the number of potential accidents and hopefully defray the cost of implementing the scheme more widely.

Congratulations to those who have thought out this scheme. May there be more ideas like this to save lives on our roads.