Stop paying carties to remove garden refuse

Juliette Dirks, Brooklyn

This letter refers to the article in last week’s Tabletalk (“Call to stop cart horses being worked on hot days,” January 17).

The cart-horse drivers are also very rude. When I walk up to the centre and I see a cart horse I always look at their condition etc. Then the drivers swear at me.

On a hot day, I ask them if they have water for the horses. If not, I take a bucket of water outside and let them drink.

Residents should stop paying them (cart-horse owners) to remove garden refuse. They just go a little further and dump it there.

A picture of a horse was posted on a Ward 55 Facebook group, where a resident claimed that its owner was not listening to the rules of horses working on hot days.

Elizabeth Ahrendse, the owner of the horse, Lizzy, responds:

Various horse-cart owners are picked on by the public, but some of us actually follow the rules. I am an owner of two horses. I have one of them working on the streets and selling the goods to provide food for the other horse, for the men that work for me, and to put food on my table because it’s the only income I have. I don’t let the horses work on hot days. I love my horses very much and take good care of them.