Noisy churches in Parklands

Clifford van Heerden, Parklands

There is more than one church operating from Park West shopping complex, on the corner of Parklands Main Road and Dorchester Drive in Parklands.

They use amplifiers and loudspeakers to broadcast their church services to everyone within listening distance. They operate daily seven days a week in the evenings, Saturdays during the day and evening and Sunday from 8.30am till 9pm.

This has been reported many times to City Law Enforcement as well as in an email to Nicky Rheede. To date, the churches carry on disturbing the peace and causing health issues.

Mayoral committee member for community services and health Patricia van der Ross responds: This City’s environmental health department confirms that complaints were received about noise from various churches (and pubs) in the Park West Centre.

The noise sources were investigated at the time of the complaints and found to be a non-disturbance as per the definition in the Western Cape noise-control regulations.

However, the noise may well be of such a nature that a noise-nuisance procedure may be viable.

The nature and times of the noise may have changed since then. Any affected person may lodge a complaint directly with the environmental health office by sending an email, with contact details, to, and the complaints will be investigated and new assessments will be done.