Poo plant plan stinks

The Flandorp family’s relationship with Table View residents seems to get more strained each year and with each new building application.

The latest plan for a private sewage plant to be included in a housing development the Flandorp Family Trust is hoping to build is unlikely to win them any new friends.

The sewage-plant idea would appear to be a response to residents’ arguments that the area’s ageing water and sewer pipes can’t cope with another large-scale housing development.

But building another sewage plant in the midst of a residential area is unlikely to be well received by residents who have, for several months, endured the stench of backed-up sewage sludge hanging over their homes.

The sludge built up at the Potsdam Wastewater Treatment Works because the contract for its removal expired on New Year’s Eve without another contractor being appointed due to a dispute over the issuing of a new tender.

The City may be in favour of declaring a densification open season on Table View, but all those new homes come with lots more toilets – can the sewers cope? Residents will point to the recent fiasco at the Potsdam plant for the answer.