Thanks to TEARS

Wilma van Dyk, Parklands

I managed to catch a lost cat in our complex that was very hungry and in a very bad condition.

I contacted a local animal rescue organisation to help me with the cat, as he needed a vet urgently but nothing was done to help him.

A whole day was wasted as this person could not tell me from the start that she was not able to assist. I contacted another local rescue organisation, but their phone went over to voicemail.

I then contacted Tears (The Emma Animal Rescue Society) in Kommetjie, which came to my rescue. Although it was out of their jurisdiction and they were very busy; their cattery was full – they sent one of their employees who was off duty to come and fetch the kitty after 6pm in Parklands.

I want to thank Marilyn Hoole, Mandy Store, the employee who came to Parklands and everybody else from Tears who were involved to help a cat in need.

May God bless you all for helping animals in need.