Nazier, Mvula battle ends in thrilling draw

Former amateur champions, Nasrullah Nazier, from Hanover Park and Luyolo Mvula, from Khayelitsha, made their professional debuts, during a Maxim Boxing Promotions showcase, at Hope Street Hall, in Gardens, last Friday. The lightweight bout ended as a draw following a competitive four rounds of action. Picture: Lonwabo Marele

The air at Hope Street Hall was thick with anticipation as two young fighters stepped into the ring last Friday, May 26.

Organised by Maxim Boxing Promotions and sanctioned by Boxing South Africa, the four rounds lightweight bout showcased Hanover Park’s rising star, Nasrullah “Untouchable” Nazier and Khayelitsha’s prodigy, Luyolo Mvula.

The 20-year-old Nazier and 24-year-old Mvula were both making their professional debut, following an impressive amateur journey.

As the bell rang, the first round began with cautious movements. Nazier and Mvula circled each other, testing the waters, their jabs probing for weaknesses. The crowd roared with each exchange, sensing the intensity building between the two warriors.

In the second round, Hanover Park Boxing Academy’s Nazier showcased his prowess, unleashing a powerful right hand that caught Mvula off balance. The blow echoed through the hall, prompting the crowd to erupt in applause… “Untouchable”.

But Mvula, resilient and fueled by pride, refused to back down.

With the third round came a newfound aggression from Mvula. He charged forward, launching a flurry of punches, his determination shining in his eyes. Nazier, recognising the shift in momentum, tactically moved around the ring, using his jab to maintain distance.

The final round was a clash of wills. Mvula, fueled by the energy of his supporters singing songs of motivation from the rafters, targeted Nazier’s body, seeking to wear him down. Nazier, however, remained composed, his punches precise and calculated. Each strike was met with resilience, as both fighters refused to yield.

As the final bell resounded, the crowd rose to their feet, their cheers blending with a sense of awe and respect. It was a fight that had showcased the spirit of both fighters, their determination and skill evident in every moment.

Judges Oscar Noels, Deon Duartte and Xolisani Mqitama conferred, their decision embodying the sheer intensity and equality of the bout. The final verdict was announced — a draw.

In that moment, the rivalry between Hanover Park and Khayelitsha was momentarily set aside, replaced by a shared admiration for the sport and the fighters who had captivated their hearts.

Two warriors from Hanover Park and Khayelitsha showing off their sportsmanship in the ring. Nasrullah Nazier and Luyolo Mvula made their professional debuts a fight to be remembered. Their four round lightweight bout ended in a draw in Hope Street Hall, Gardens, on Friday night. Picture: Lonwabo Marele
Nasrullah Nazier and Luyolo Mvula fighting inside the pocket, hoping to deliver a punch that would win them points or a knockout. The fight ended with both fighters walking away with a draw. Picture: Lonwabo Marele
Half of the crowd were chanting “Untouchable” and the rest were shouting “Mvula” during a thrilling four round lightweight bout at a Maxim Boxing Promotions showcase, in Hope Street Hall, Gardens, on Friday. Picture: Lonwabo Marele