Book review: Captain Looroll

Captain Looroll

Matt Carr


Review: Lauren O’Connor-May

Captain Looroll combines toilet humour with puns for an adventure story of the heroic kind.

While we don’t get much of an origin story for the titular hero, we do learn that she is “super strong and endlessly long”.

Sadly though, the empowered roll is stuck in a downstairs toilet where the most heroism that is needed is to wipe the occasional bum.

When a message comes down the pipes of an emergency in an upstairs toilet, Captain Looroll and her team of toilet cleaning products leap into action to investigate.

They find the toilet blocked by an extra nasty villain − a toilet roll that has fallen in the dirty bowl (adults I’m sure would relate).

The nasty mess has dubbed himself the ToileTROLL and he has a stinky plan for world abumination.

Captain Looroll and her friends − a sponge, a spray bottle and a toilet brush − then hunt the menacing troublemaker all over the house as he wreaks havoc in every room and each of Captain Looroll’s friends are given an opportunity to let their unique toilety talents shine and be a hero in their own right.

Children love stinky stories and my potty-training 2-year-old found this book particularly intriguing.

This is the kind of book that will have universal appeal in families because the littler ones would enjoy the toilet humour while the older children would enjoy the puns, as did I.