Please do the right thing

Barbie Lawrence, Edgemead

On Wednesday August 25, at about 4.15pm, I was walking home from the shops along Farmersfield Road, in Edgemead. There were three gentlemen having a chat on the corner of Farmersfield Road and Downes Way. One of the men had a dog that was on a lead. As I am rather nervous of dogs, I gave the group a wide berth. However, the dog lunged at me and bit me on my leg. I obviously stopped and knelt down to see if there was a wound. The dog owner said something to the effect that the dog was “just excited” to which I responded, “He bit me.“

I was wearing jeans and long socks and saw the bite marks once I rolled down my sock.

Needless to say, I was a bit traumatised, and, not thinking properly, I did not get details such as his name and contact number. I did, however, ask where he lived, and he pointed to a house, and when I asked what number house, he supplied a number.

The following day, I sought advice from the clinic sister at Edgemead Clicks. She advised me to have a tetanus vaccination that day. They did not have stock, so I had to drive around to find one, which I eventually did.

On Sunday August 29, I drove to the given address to seek financial reimbursement. The gentleman was not at home, so I tried again on Monday, August 30.

Unfortunately, I had been given a false address. My apologies to the persons at that house. I thank them for their understanding.

I do hope that the gentleman or one of his friends will read this and do the right thing by contacting me at 084 368 7010. It is disgusting that a dog owner showed no concern that his dog bit someone.

I have documentation for the vaccination and photos of the bites.