Roadworks needed on Otto du Plessis Drive

Paul Williams, Bloubergrant

There is an urgent need for roadworks on Otto du Plessis Drive, in Bloubergrant, because the intersections at Shell Road and Foam Road only have one lane to enter Otto du Plessis Drive, causing delays for motorists.

If one car in front is wanting to turn right (across two lanes of traffic) and five cars are wanting to turn left, entering their same direction flow, they cannot proceed until a car in front gets a clear opportunity and turns away.

This delay is further exacerbated by other vehicles turning out of Marine Drive into the same intersections and also wanting to enter Otto du Plessis Drive.

The increased traffic in our area due to buses, numerous cyclists, and visitors etc also make the entry very difficult.

Solution: remove part of the sandbank and create an additional left-turn lane.

While the municipality has personnel and earth-moving machinery on site for the R100 million beachfront upgrade, this minor roadworks adjustment could be easily slotted in and will greatly improve traffic flow and safety at these congested intersections.

We hope the City can schedule this in the project planning, if it is not already on the table.

• Mayoral committee member for urban mobility Rob Quintas responds: Thank you for the proposal. First off, the City will need to investigate the feasibility of this proposal in terms of all relevant standards. It is not necessarily a question of cost alone that needs to be considered, but also road design standards and norms. Please note that it can take up to 120 days for the City to investigate the proposal as we receive a high volume of requests from residents across the city, enquiring about road improvements in their neighbourhoods.